Fees & Charges

AccessDebit Card & Accesscard Fees

New or Replacement Card Fee

Admin Fee

$10 per card


Transaction Fees

ATM Charges New Zealand

- Cash Withdrawal other Credit Union network

- Cash Withdrawal other bank

-Enquiries and Declines other Credit Union Network 

-Enquiries and Declines other Banks   Network 







EFTPOS Charges

PaypassTM Transactions Tap & Go


$0.25 (included in EFTPOS charge)

Overseas - additional charges

- ATM Overseas cash withdrawal

- ATM Balance Enquiry

- ATM Declined Transaction

- Foreign Currency fee

- EFTPOS Transactions


$5.00 per transaction

$0.80 per transaction

$0.80 per transaction

2.25% of the $NZ transaction charge

$0.80 included in EFTPOS charges

Service Charges

  -Online and over the telephone

Courier / Freight charges

Voucher Search charges

Government Duties or Taxes

Merchant Fees





As charged

As charged

AccessTxt Fee

All Text balances

$0.70 each message

Inoperative Account Fee

Accounts with balances under $100 and inoperative for 1 year or more
(except for interest/dividend payments)

$4.00 per month

Loan Application Fees

Standard Loans


Application Fee

$ 0 - $ 4,999


$ 100.00

$ 5,000 - $19,000


$ 150.00

$20,000 - over




Maximum (on merit)

up to


Loans secured by Mortgage

up to

$250.00 maximum

Loans Restructured

up to

$50.00 maximum

Instant Loans



Any amount



Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) Registration



Bad Debt Collection Fees

All charges/ costs as claimed by Collection Agency to be included in the debt being collected.

Entrance Fee

New Members Fee


Direct Debit Dishonours

Direct Debit Dishonours


Internet Banking Fees

Whole of Pay


All Other Registered Members

$2.00 per month

Factor 2 (Reset)


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